Thursday, June 23, 2011

POD part 1 - The screwup

I screwed up. L After extensive Print On Demand research, I knew I wanted to take the lower risk, minimal investment option of Create Space vs. Lightning Source but I underestimated the learning curve and formatting demands of the print ready process. I’m reworking elements and have bumped my POD release from 6/24 to 7/1. *grrr*
Today, I was going to rehash my CS vs. LS rationale. However, I stumbled upon Robin Sullivan’s brilliant blog WRITE TO PUBLISH and it’s amazing! I enjoy the business side of writing, but with a highly demanding corporate job, 2 small kids, and a hubby who travels M-F for work, I have to prioritize. Robin Sullivan’s blog has just leapt to the top of my priorities list.
Her post covers everything I learned in my research—only she says it more concisely and with the stats to back it up. Thanks Robin!
Conclusion: If you are thinking about going indie, add WRITE TO PUBLISH as part of your writer’s foundation.
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Next steps: Fixing my CS formatting issues and aggressively focusing on my latest DOON revisions for editor X.
Your turn: What do you think about WRITE TO PUBLISH?

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Melissa Landers said...

Hope you get it figured out soon, because I want my hard copy! Signed, of course.