Friday, June 3, 2011

First Love Friday with YA author Tina Ferraro

Happy June everyone!  To kick off the long, hot summer months, YA author Tina Ferraro is joining me to talk about her first kiss.

CC: Thank you, Tina, for being a part of First Love Fridays: where we explore the glory and angst of first loves, first kisses, first breakups, and life beyond.
TF:  Haha, I live and breathe this stuff! 

CC: Tell us about your first kiss. To protect the innocent feel free to use an alias.
TF:  Okay!  My first kiss happened under a tree in a vacant lot in middle school.  The funny thing is that he told me it was his first kiss, too, but in high school, I found out he'd told the same/done the same with one of my very good friends a year earlier. So forever I will think of him as a serial first kisser. But a sweet and cute one!

CC: OMG—that’s hysterical! Was he a good kisser, at least?
TF:  LOL--hard to say.  I think I was too obsessed on the fact I was actually kissing a boy to make a real memory of the event.  (Haha, says she, the author of a book called The ABC’s of Kissing Boys!) 

CC: Was there a love connection?
TF:  I’d say a “crush connection.”  He “asked me out” that afternoon and we were a recognized couple for a month or so.  Later he transferred to a private high school while I went to the public one, so our paths stopped regularly crossing.

CC: Have you connected with him/her since then? Have you gone searching for him/her on Face book?
TF:  We still have mutual friends, so I know he’s happy and doing well!   

CC: Tell us about your most recent project. What role does love play in the story?
TF:  My agent is presently reading the full of my latest young adult novel.  At present it’s hush-hush on the specifics, but believe me when I say there is love and kisses--although not a first.  In fact, the confusion that the main character feels about her first kiss (back in middle school--wonder where I got that idea?) is what lays the groundwork for the a-little-bit-crazy plot!  But I promise, it’s all made-up from there!  
CC: I will actually be seeing your agent today, I’ll be sure to tell her about you being my FLF guest. ;)  Do you have any final wisdom to share with us about first loves?
TF:  Cherish the memories, but it’s okay to move on, too!

Tina’s *amazing* RITA nominated book The ABC’s of Kissing Boys, is a perfect summer read. So add it to your beach stack today!  You won't be sorry.


Janie Emaus said...

I can't even remember my first kiss. I can remember some other "firsts" but you probably don't want those details!

TinaFerraro said...

Haha, Janie! Well, my first kiss was definitely memorable, so I am happy to share!

Carey, thanks again for hosting me!

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

Nice interview, Tina!! Ugh, my first kiss was so uncomfortable and embarrassing. And I can say, Tina's hush-hush project is a wonderful YA novel!!

Carey_Corp said...

Thanks for stopping by Kelly and Janie. I've been at a conference all weekend laughing about Tina's serial first kisser. I can't wait until she can divulge detail of her hush-hush project.