Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Experimental Girl, part 2: More Experimentation

Thanks to everyone who chimed in on promoted prices vs. every day available price. I am taking THE HALO CHRONICLES THE GUARDIAN off sale and back to $2.99.

I decided to let the .99¢ sale go through MLK Day, so I requested the pricing change ($2.99 , 70% royalty) for  on Tuesday. As usual Amazon is taking their sweet time to make the change.

It will be interesting to compare velocity at the higher price with THE WAY LIFE WAS FOREVER continuing as a free promo vehicle.

As of this morning, here are my January 2012 sales results:

THE HALO CHRONICLES: THE GUARDIAN ($.99): 123 128 (as of 1/19 8:30pm)

THE WAY LIFE WAS FOREVER (FREE): 4903 5056 (as of 1/19 8:30pm)

1/30 Results:

THE HALO CHRONICLES: THE GUARDIAN ($.99): 203 (and back up to $2.99)

THE WAY LIFE WAS FOREVER (FREE): 8007 (in 1 month!)


Melissa Landers said...

Wow! Almost 5k people have downloaded your short story? That's amazing! (I need to leave a review, by the way, but I keep forgetting. I loved that story.)

Carey_Corp said...

Thanks, Mel!

Maria McKenzie said...

Wow! Almost 5k and the month is only about half over!