Sunday, May 29, 2011

Don't you... Forget about me.

On Friday I virtually sat down with Golden Heart finalist author and fellow MargaRITA Vanessa Barneveld to discuss THE HALO CHRONICLES: THE GUARDIAN. We talked about everything from my sad prom experience, to John Hughes angst influences, to my own real-life teen guardian angel experience.

Due to a stomach bug, I didn't promote like I wanted, so in honor of the long weekend we're keeping the stories going. Got your own guardian angel story or a favorite John Hughes movie? If you haven't had a chance to stop over yet, don't be a neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie, be sure to come by and share. HERE.

Funny story: Last week the hubby and I went to my 10-year-old’s band concert where they played the theme to Bridge on the River Kwai. Hubby turns to me and says, “Man, I really want to watch Bridge on the River Kwai.” and I’m thinking, “Boy, I really want to watch Breakfast Club!” Ha!

The winner of Tuesday's THE HALO CHRONICLES: THE GUARDIAN release day eBook is Athena_Grayson. Athena, please email me at careycorp(at)fuse(dot)net.


Carey_Corp said...

I think I finally fixed my comment issue! *cheers*

Kimberly said...

All I can say is.... Finally. I've been trying to comment on your blog for months.
When I saw that picture of The Breakfast Club, a sense of nostalgia overcame me. Truly. I'm not sure whether I feel old or young. I know I feel young, but when I see those hairstyles, I realize that was so many years ago....yikes.
The great thing about John Hughes films is that they always resonate. People of all ages struggle with the concept of belonging. The only difference with age is that we get better at hiding those struggles. That's what I think is important for teens to understand today--adults have the same issues. Some of us learn to fit in while others just march to the beat of a different drummer.
Here's to those marching to their own beat,
Kim MacCarron

Carey_Corp said...

Glad it's working!!!